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Sindhi Chicken Biryani

Homemade vs Store bought masalas?
This argument is ongoing and incessable,I would say it depends on every individual taste and time.My Mom had to cook for 20 people everyday thanks to the joint family strategy and she preferred to make homemade masalas considering taste as well as the economical value.
My mini family of three relies on homemade masala purely for taste but I have tried most of the store bought masalas,in fact it was one of my favorite aisle during before-kid phase. 
Sindhi Chicken Biryani
When I say store bought masalas the main check list will be biryani masala,garam masala,tandoori masala apart from basic kashmiri chili and coriander powder.
After a period of experimenting homemade masalas,I have a set of my own fool-proof recipes declining my visit to masala trail during shopping.
Biryani masala:You might find hundreds of brands and thousands of recipes under the name,but when you check the ingredients you will find the fact that it is more or less the same.Among the hundred brands few do make a mark and one among them is Shan masala.
The popular Sindhi and Bombay Biryani mix is hardly unnoticed.I have used both and I feel the spice balance is excess to the rice which in turn somewhat diminishes the meat/chicken flavor.This is purely my opinion as my Hubby still loves that recipe.
To devour Sindhi Biryani satisfying both his and my palate,I came out with a copy cat recipe like Shan Sindhi biryani mix,thanks to  vahchef and khanapakana for inspiring this recipe.The trick is simple,you need the basic biryani spices and aalo bukharey (dried plums/prunes) the key ingredient of this spice mix.Alternately you can also use dried apricots for similar taste.
Sindhi Chicken Biryani

Ingredients for Biryani:
500 gm Chicken,medium pieces
3 cups Basmati rice
Whole spice for cooking rice(1 bay leaf/cinnamon stick and clove)
½ cup Yogurt
3 Tomatoes,sliced
2 potatoes,diced
3 Onions,sliced
1 tbsp Garlic Paste
1 tbsp Ginger paste
4-5 small Green Chilies,slit
I cup fresh Coriander leaves,chopped
1 cup Mint Leaves,chopped
3tbsp ghee
few saffron strands(soaked in warm milk)
salt to taste
fried onions/cashews for garnish
3 tbsp Sindhi Biryani masala

Recipe for Sindhi Biryani Masala
5 aloo bukharey (dry plums)
2 bay leaves
2 cinnamon sticks(1”)
4 black cardamom
3 green cardamom
2 tsp coriander seeds
2 tsp shahi jeera(cumin)
a small piece of mace
½ tsp dry mango powder(aamchoor)
2 tsp red chili powder
¼  tsp turmeric
Method:Dry roast the whole spices(bay leaf,cinnamon,cardamom,coriander,cumin,mace) in a pan for few seconds,mix it with turmeric,chili,mango powder and plums and crush it coarsely using mortar and pestle.
Sindhi Chicken Biryani

Method :
For Biryani:
Wash and soak the rice for 30 minutes. Drain completely and set aside.
Bring 4½ cup of water to boil, add salt and few drops of ghee, a clove, cinnamon and bay leaf.Cook until it is done ¾th  and drain completely. Add saffron to part of rice and set aside.

Heat 2 tbsp ghee in shallow pan add onions and fry them to golden. Add ginger-garlic paste  with green chilies(reduce if you need less spicy) and sauté for a minute.

Sindhi Chicken Biryani

Add chicken, potatoes and sauté to cook for 5 minutes.
Mix yogurt and the biryani masala  and stir in about ½ cup water and continue cooking until chicken is tender and mixture is almost dry.

Remove half of the chicken mixture and keep aside.

Sindhi Chicken Biryani
Simmer the heat of pan with remaining half of chicken mixture covering the bottom of the pan evenly and spread the tomatoes, coriander and mint leaves over the chicken(Do not mix ).Cover and cook for another 3 minutes.

Layer it with the cooked rice covering the chicken mixture,repeat another layer of chicken mixture followed by tomatoes/coriander-mint and finally rice.Sprinkle  fried onions/cashew(if using )and few drops of remaining ghee on top.
Cover and cook in simmer for 20-25 minutes
Sindhi Chicken Biryani

Serve hot with raita/salan.
Sindhi Chicken Biryani
The biryani turned out delicious and appreciated by the family.The mixture was just right and there was perfect balance of spice and flavors.
Time for my lunch,see you soon.
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  1. that is such a flavorful biriyani... i'm definitely bookmarking this for one of my weekend trials... :)